1. Jens Schmidt with Sarah Sharon Karsten Styling for Tagesspiegel Berlin
  2. Gregor Hohenberg for Achtung Mode Magazin
  3. David Oldham for German Glamour - Rita Ora
  4. Bryan Adams with Joanne Blades Styling for Zoo Magazin
  5. Kristian Schuller with Carmen Dell´Orefice for L`Officiel
  6. Rocco Bizzarri for The Bridge
  7. Max von Treu for Best Secret
  8. Gregor Hohenberg, Sina Velke for GQ
  9. Magnus Magnusson for 2ND DAY Spring Summer 2018
  10. David Roemer for Victoria's Secret Sport
  11. Sven Bänziger with Pierfrancesco Favino for Vanity Fair Italia
  12. Diego Merino for Harrods