1. Patrik Sehlstedt, Claudia Englmann Styling, Sina Velke H&M for Vogue
  2. Patrik Sehlstedt, Claudia Englmann Styling for Intermission
  3. Henrik Bülow for Ostertag
  4. Lydia Gorges for Grazia
  5. NEW ENTRY Magnus Magnusson for Contributor
  6. Kristian Schuller, Nadia Rath Styling for Helene Fischer
  7. Bryan Adams, JOANNE BLADES STYLING for Zoo Magazine with Isabella Emmack
  8. Sven Bänziger for s.Oliver /Black Label
  9. Diego Merino for Esquire with Lionel Messi
  10. Oscar Falk for DV Magazine 2017
  11. Max von Treu for Opus 2017
  12. Sven Bänziger for S.Oliver