Florian Geiss


While great moments can appear just as suddenly as they disappear, photographer Florian Geiss captures these fleeting moments so they live forever.

Geiss ́images impress a rooted involvement in the genuine atmosphere of his large body of work and through capturing these great moments and intimate interactions between subjects in complex settings, he has become an immensely sought after photographer and director.

Florian is deeply skilled in connecting the subjects in front of his camera and capturing them in a cinematic style when the perfect moment of emotion, action, light and style merges. And with his high level of excecution, Geiss ́emotional and energetic photography inspires advertising campaigns and brand imagery for clients globally.

With years of experience incorporating action in his still work, he has made the natural progression into shooting films as well, often alongside his still work.

After studying photography and film in Bielefeld in Germany, Geiss relocated to Hamburg to open his photography studio,where he is still currently based.

However his projects take him and his talented team across the globe. While his impressive client list is a true evidence for his outstanding skills, his numerous international accolades and memberships in the Art Directors Club, BFF and AOP also speak very highly of his work.