1. Rocco Bizzarri with New Story `HIGH Society´
  2. Kristian Schuller for Harpers Bazaar
  3. Alex Waltl for CHARLOTTE TILBURY
  4. Rocco Bizzarri for THE BRIDGE WINTER 2019/20
  5. Olaf Wipperfürth & Nadia Rath (Styling) for ICON Magazine
  6. Diego Merino for Esquire Magazine feat. Liam Payne
  7. Magnus Magnusson at the beach
  8. Oscar Falk for NK SPORT
  9. Alex Waltl for Harpers CZ
  10. Mick de Lint for ABOUT YOU x Diesel
  11. Mick de Lint for ABOUT YOU
  12. Rocco Bizzarri for CALLIOPE