1. Magnus Magnusson for J.Lindeberg
  2. Magnus Magnusson for H&M - DIVIDED
  3. Max Hoell for LAUREL
  4. Max von Treu & Julia Junglas (H&M) for UNQ
  5. Klaas Jan Kliphuis for INSTYLE GERMANY
  6. Alex Waltl & Margit Otte (Consulting & Styling) for Luisa Cerano
  7. Rocco Bizzarri with New Story `HIGH Society´
  8. Kristian Schuller for Harpers Bazaar
  9. Alex Waltl for CHARLOTTE TILBURY
  10. Rocco Bizzarri for THE BRIDGE WINTER 2019/20
  11. Olaf Wipperfürth & Nadia Rath (Styling) for ICON Magazine
  12. Diego Merino for Esquire Magazine feat. Liam Payne